Liberal vs. Conservative Interfaith Dialogue

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal published an interesting op-ed on interfaith dialogue, something I’m in favor of if it also embraces those of us who are faithless—and we include them, too.

There is an assumption by commentators on the right and the left that as far as religion goes, it is liberals who work–and care to work–across faith lines. Interfaith activity is understood as a politically and theologically liberal enterprise. This stems in part from the fact that the most widely recognized examples of interfaith cooperation have occurred on the left. Martin Luther King Jr.’s partnership with Abraham Joshua Heschel (the prominent Jewish theologian and civil-rights leader) is probably the most famous. Other figures who have reached across religious lines include The Very Reverend James Parks Morton (former dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine) and international icons like Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

But during my years at the Interfaith Center of New York, a nonprofit organization devoted to fostering interreligious civic relationships, I found that the stereotypes about who is willing to form partnerships were wrong. When the center first opened, we received enthusiastic support from liberals and were ignored by conservatives. Our programs looked diverse, and they were, religiously speaking. But participants were homogeneously liberal.

The more conservative religious folks were not interested in talking about spirituality, peace-building and social justice. So we refocused our programs to include seminars and information sessions on issues such as domestic violence, health-care access and immigration rights. Suddenly, every kind of religious leader came, including conservatives. Their religious perspectives did not change, but our assumptions did.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, an African lay leader who runs an Islamic school in the Bronx, first came to a retreat we held on immigration issues. Sheikh Drammeh believes that Islam is the one true path, that premarital sex is not moral and neither is homosexual behavior. He runs a school that teaches Muslim children these values. In preparation for opening the school in 2001 he introduced himself to local pastors and rabbis, inviting them to come observe his classrooms. He attended a week-long program on religious diversity to better understand the other religious groups in his community. He also works with a Latino Pentecostal minister on the Bronx District Attorney’s clergy task force. For him, interfaith partnership is critical for good citizenship and safe neighborhoods. “The more friends we make,” he says, “the less likely we are to shed blood.”

Rabbi Emmanuel Weizer is another one of our regular participants now. An ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Rabbi from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he is the vice president of Congregation Beth Yitzthock. Rabbi Weizer strongly believes Orthodoxy is the right path (for Jews) and strongly disagrees with the theology of nonmonotheistic faiths. He will not participate in interfaith prayer services, nor will he enter another religion’s worship space. But he has worked across religious lines for years, for example, on our interfaith mediation team, a program of the New York State court system that includes Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs.

Interestingly, it was the liberal leaders who had problems with our new conservative participants. Some wondered aloud “who let them in.” Others wanted us to advocate for positions that would keep some conservatives out, like opposition to the war in Iraq and tolerance for homosexual behavior.

Instead of excluding conservatives, though, we adopted a different understanding of interfaith activity. It is not an understanding based on the idea that with a little conversation we can iron out all our theological differences. Rather, it is one based on the idea that religious beliefs are distinct, deep-set and deserve to be taken seriously. On that point, it turns out that Rabbi Weizer and Sheikh Drammeh understand each other well.


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10 responses to “Liberal vs. Conservative Interfaith Dialogue

  1. This learning to hold our own, while we respect the identified ground-of-being held by others, is such vital work. I think of this as part of the Power of Our Arrival (or presence), this capacity to honor the familiar and ‘the other.’ Indeed, this is one of the key challenges of our time.

  2. If one is serious about wanting to know “truth,” it seems logical to listen to another who claims to hold such in his hands, or in his mind or in his soul. If, indeed, we believe we have found “truth,” such truth will surely will bear the scrutiny of others, and of our own inquiring mind.

    Thank you for the post and for the link.

    Shirley Buxton

  3. Jim Pierce

    I am a conservative Christian and I believe that there is nothing wrong with working with others of differing faiths. I can firmly hold my faith as truth and just because I work with people of a different faith doesn’t mean I have to recognize their faith as truth.

    If people of all religions recognized that working together to help the poor, for example, doesn’t entail an endorsement of someone else’s beliefs, then more work could be done to help those who are truly in need right now.

    Jim Pierce

  4. jewwishes

    Working together for humanity’s sake is not only important, but mandatory, with all the problems, worldwide, that individuals face. Quite often, some cannot even meet their basic needs for food, clothes and shelter. Time, effort, an ear to listen, not just money, is extremely important in order to help others.

    We must all put religion aside, when working towards the goal of helping others. Respect, tolerance and acceptance of others and their religious beliefs is necessary.

  5. Michael

    It is true that many of us have our own ideas about faith, church and God. Many of those ideas run very deep and cannot be changed without challenging our own belief system. The ability to look beyond our thoughts and ideas and see the very basic needs of humanity around us is the true expession of our faith.

  6. KC

    New to wordpress, and found this blog, so hence my comment: Not all roads lead to Heaven has been a term well coined by many. The statement implied that there is but one path, and while my philosophy on life is biased towards a faith I was born into, and eventually abandoned, my search for truth apart from what men may say has lead me down a path that so far has never let me down.

    I agree with the Jim Pierce comment above in that we can all work towards common good for the welfare of others in the world, but when it comes to the other side of life (death) it’s where you spend it that counts.

  7. Chagri Lama

    I, too, am rather new to WordPress, but have “blogged” away in one form or another for a long time.

    It is impressive to see the range of opinions here, and still realize that most of us seem to see the same problems as needing solution: Hunger, poverty, human misery and inequality, respect for another human.

    There seems to be a glimmer of hope for humanity. Interfaith and inter-life-philosophy are types of dialogs that help humans realize they are just that – across the spectrum of ideology, faith, culture. Our bottom line as humans seems to be drawn in the same sand, with the same crayon.

    Thank you all!

    Chagri Lama

  8. what an encouraging word that there are people on all over the political spectrum who are willing to come together to discuss important issues.


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  10. Bendul

    Well that’s a bit of a conversation ender!

    Interesting though.

    A few beautifull comments to a beautifull post. Keep up the mutuality!

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