Deep Thoughts: Cheney vs. Quail

Finally, a blogger (a karate fan, not a gun nut) gives the Cheneying of Whittington the deeply thoughtful analysis it deserves.

Gun Controllers can now add “vice presidents” to the list of people who should not be allowed to purchase or maintain a firearm. The list already includes convicted felons, so it isn’t exactly a stretch to add politicians. If I were president, I wouldn’t want my vice president to be armed, I can tell you that. It conjures up catchy business-sounding phrases such as “Accelerated Line of Succession.” I imagine we can expect to see the Bush Administration starting to take a closer look at Cheney’s roadmap for the administration. Now that Cheney has demonstrated how dangerous he can be, the White House staff is probably on edge….

I take some comfort in knowing that not only is The Left going to be laughing at Dick Cheney’s little hunting accident, so are the quail. So, Democrats can take comfort from the fact that a lot of quail will be registering as Democrats this year. Especially since picture ID’s being required at the voting booth is getting nowhere fast, quail should have no trouble voting using a touch screen. The results we get in our elections will probably be little different than they are today….

I guess what is most amazing about the entire incident is that Cheney didn’t have a heart attack when he realized that he had shot his friend, embarrassed the White House, damaged the gun rights movement, and caused over a billion quail to become registered Democrats. His ticker must be in better shape than we thought.

via PhotoDude

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